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Chief Executive Officer of a Norwegian holding Pelagia as

Egil Magne Hogstad


Egersund Seafood Holding is one of the largest fish producers in Norway. We have been working since 1921, and the first supply of fish to Ukraine took place in 1996.

The holding's plants are located throughout Norway, which allows it to produce a wide range of products exported to 35 countries.

Today we are proud to invite you to Egersund Seafood stores in Ukraine. We have opened these stores to deliver fish to you without intermediaries. Now, controlling all processes - catching, processing, transportation and sale, we offer you all the fullness and purity of the taste of Norwegian fish.

The fish that we cannot catch in our waters are delivered to us by our long-term production partners from other countries of the world.

Egersund Seafood is part of a group of companies Pelagia is one of the largest fish producers in Norway.



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How to properly defrost frozen fish?
The best way to defrost fish is to put it in a refrigerator with a temperature inside from 0 to + 5 C. This way the fish will be defrosted correctly and will not lose its taste and weight. The degree of thawing is determined by the flexibility of the carcass. And, of course, the bigger the fish, the more time it takes to defrost it. Do not keep thawed fish in the refrigerator for a long time. If you have already thawed it, it's time to cook it.
What is the difference between farm and wild salmon?
Wild salmon is less fatty than farm salmon, its meat is denser and has a richer taste. Visually, wild salmon has an elongated body and, most importantly, it has almost no belly compared to farm salmon.