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How to properly defrost frozen fish?
The best way to defrost fish is to put it in a refrigerator with a temperature inside from 0 to + 5 C. This way the fish will be defrosted correctly and will not lose its taste and weight. The degree of thawing is determined by the flexibility of the carcass. And, of course, the bigger the fish, the more time it takes to defrost it. Do not keep thawed fish in the refrigerator for a long time. If you have already thawed it, it's time to cook it.
What is the difference between farm and wild salmon?
Wild salmon is less fatty than farm salmon, its meat is denser and has a richer taste. Visually, wild salmon has an elongated body and, most importantly, it has almost no belly compared to farm salmon.
How to determine the freshness of frozen fish?

The quality of frozen fish can be determined by several factors. If it is a fish without a head, then the cut should be pink, in some cases the color may be white. The carcass itself must not be white, unless it is the natural color of the fish.

If the carcass has a head but is gutted, it is necessary to pay attention to the belly and the inner surface of the fish. The belly should not be chapped and no bones should protrude inside the belly, which is the first sign of poor quality and stale fish.

After defrosting the fish, the meat must be dense and elastic to the touch, the gill petals must be red or pink but not brown, and the fish must not have a foul odor.
Can you please tell me on what days do you import fresh fish?

Chilled fish is delivered on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Frozen and salted arrive every day.

What does the name mean Egersund?

Egersund is a Norwegian town with one of the fifteen Egersund factories (one still in Denmark). He is engaged in the fishery of herring, capelin and mackerel.

What is the difference between canned caviar and the one sold in your store?

In canned caviar, a million percent is a bio-preservative and Biostop. We have real live caviar from Alaska. In the defrosting room we defrost it at night and sell it during the day. Nothing is transferred to tomorrow! The caviar sold in our stores contains no preservatives, so the shelf life of caviar is 3 days from the date of sale.

Why isn't pangasius on sale in your store?

In our store, we fundamentally do not sell products from China and Vietnam. For example, we don't take pangasius. The Vietnamese grow rice for one year, then flood the fields and grow pangasius. And he eats absolutely everything, can gobble up an iPhone case!

Why on Monday at the forum of chilled fish on display?

Every Monday we clean up the shop windows and warehouses from the last week and prepare the place for a new batch of seafood. On the second or third day after slaughter, fresh fish is displayed in the window of the Egersund Seafood store in Kiev. We sell it in 4-5 days, although, according to EU standards, the allowed implementation period is 14 days from the date of production. Unsold fish is either sold at a big discount to other stores, or disposed of.

Why can your products be kept at home for a week?

There are times when products go bad the next day after purchase. Or after a long hot road to cars in summer, the product gets an unpleasant odor. All this is a side effect of not using Biostop and preservatives. We will definitely inform about the terms of use of the products during the sale, but it is also important to observe the temperature storage conditions. If the recommended temperature is violated by 5-10 degrees for several hours, the shelf life is significantly reduced. We recommend consuming our products on the day of purchase and observing the storage regime during transportation using thermal bags and cold or ice accumulators that we provide in the store.

Why is your salmon more expensive than other stores?

We are the only ones in Ukraine who deliver salmon by plane. On the third day after slaughter, the salmon is already on display. In the world, such fresh fish is sold only in Norway and Japan, where salmon is also delivered by plane. As for non-Norwegian products, we buy only high quality seafood from trusted partners around the world. It is always more expensive than the average offer.