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Egersund Seafood Holding is one of the largest fish producers in Norway. We have been working since 1921, and the first supply of fish to Ukraine took place in 1996.

The holding's plants are located throughout Norway, which allows it to produce a wide range of products exported to 35 countries.

Today we are proud to invite you to Egersund Seafood stores in Ukraine. We have opened these stores to deliver fish to you without intermediaries. Now, controlling all processes - catching, processing, transportation and sale, we offer you all the fullness and purity of the taste of Norwegian fish.

Seafood is not only a delicacy, but also the most useful food for humans. We wish you health and daily enjoyment of our fish!

Egersund Seafood is part of a group of companies Pelagia is one of the largest fish producers in Norway.

1921 y.Company history begins in 1921 year since the establishment of a factory for the production of fishmeal - an ingredient used in animal feed.
1993 y.The transformation of the "ocean silver" - herring - into a "gold coin" has provided the company with high profits since the first year of existence. In 1993 , a pelagic fish processing plant for the North Sea was also built.
1996 y.And the first supply of fish to Ukraine took place in 1996 year.
2014 y.

In 2014 year Pelagia has merged with Norway Pelagic AS and Welcon Invest AS into a single holding company Pelagia AS. Today the holding manages 26 plants in Norway, UK, Ireland, Denmark and exports products to 35 countries of the world.

Production is divided into two sections: Pelagia Food (human food) and Pelagia Feed (fish feed). Two more companies - Leroy Seafood & SalMar are also owned by the founders. It is one of the largest producers and exporters of Atlantic salmon and trout of the highest quality.
Company motto – "We are experts in fish". The company's first flagship store opened in November 2014 with the participation of the Prime Minister of Norway Mrs. Erna Solberg.

We offer!

Egersund Seafood - unique Norwegian fish shops in Kyiv. No one else on the market can offer in a complex what the Egersund Seafood team offers:
  • production, freezing, transport, and direct sales without intermediaries to the final consumer with quality control from catch to counter;
  • a wide range of seafood from Norway and from trusted partners from other countries;
  • salting of herring and mackerel at the Norwegian plant immediately after catching, which preserves the properties of the product as much as possible;
  • rejection of preservatives and antibiotics in products;
  • advice and recommendations of sellers when choosing seafood;
  • high-tech shock freezing;
  • unique Seafood Bar and josper menu in the store.

Egersund Seafood Ukraine Traditions

Since the opening of the first store in 2014, the best employees of the company (sellers, cashiers, chefs, managers) are sent annually on a week-long trip to Norway or other countries with developed fish markets, such as Spain, for example.

On the journey, the team gets a unique experience. They visit factories where they can see the processing procedure, subtleties and nuances of making Norwegian herring, stages of production, feeding, and processing of Atlantic salmon on farms, the conditions of its maintenance (purity of water and environment, quality of processes).

The group communicates with farm directors and business leaders, asks questions and learns the nuances to understand all the intricacies of product production and to speak with confidence about the quality of Norwegian products sold in Egersund Seafood stores.

In addition to working moments, during the trip, the team visits places of interest, fish markets, goes fishing, goes hiking, gets acquainted with local cuisine, culture and traditions. All for maximum immersion and understanding of the market and the product that the company represents in Ukraine.